Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II - Smartphone Android in market

The mush anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone is finally here. The Android phone features a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, HSPA+ connectivity providing data transfer of up to 21-Mbps and a Super Amoled Plus touch screen display.

It is also currently one of the thinnest smartphone in the market, measuring only 8.49-mm thin. Samsung has also increased its photo capability to eight megapixel camera and camcorder with 1080p full HD recording and playback.  Samsung Malaysia Electronic Sdn Bhd managing director Kwon Jae Hoon expects the phone to do well in the Malaysian market based on the success of Galaxy S, which has sold 14 million units since its debut last year. With the Galaxy II, Samsung aims to increase its market share further in the local smartphone market from current 26.7 per cent, he added.

Kwon said Samsung Galaxy S II has three main elements that should appeal to users a vivid screen, faster processor and slim design. The new Galaxy S II screen is now 14 per cent larger at 4.27 inches to give better user experience when it comes to surfing the Web or working on applications. The screen also offers more sub-pixels to implement crystal-clear viewing experience in more vivid color.

Samsung said the phone utilizes new organic materials to provide more realistic quality in photo presentation and video playback without compromising battery life. In terms of speed the Gingerbread platform used is said able to provide users multi-tasking capabilities, faster upload and download time for video and photo files, and powerful 3D gaming performance. The thin, lightweight body, meanwhile will make it easy to carry around. Among other features are Live Panel, a customizable home screen for live web and applications arranged similar to magazine layout.

The Samsung Galaxy S II offers easy access to a variety of content services through Samsung Apps, Samsung Hubs-Social Hub, Reader Hub and Game Hub. With Social Hub and Reader Hub, users can easily manage their social networking services like Facebook and their collection of magazines, books and newspapers on one screen. In addition the Game Hub lets users download games, providing social network games and premium games including Game-loft's Let Golf 2 and Real Football 2011.

The phone comes with Kies-2.0  which allows users to connect their phone to their computers wirelessly to synchronize and backup data, and syncing their contacts with Outlook, Google or Yahoo..

Monday, 27 June 2011

Facebook click-jacks attacks

Have you ever seen links posted on your friends Facebook pages promising a look at outrageous video or photos? These are part of what is called a click-jacking scam. In this situation, the user is typically tricked into clicking on a provocative link, but hidden code within the page posts a  copy of the tainted link to the profiles of all the users friends.

According to post on a Facebook security page, if you or your friends have been click-jacked, you should be able to remove poison posts on your Facebook Walls and News Feed by moving the mouse cursor to the top-right corner of the unwanted item and clicking the X button to get the " Remove and Unlike " option. As a further precaution check the info page on your profile and remove any unwanted pages from your lists in the Activities and Interests area. As a general rule do not click on strange links, even if it appears that close friends have shared them on your Facebook page. Horrendous grammar or odd phrasing in the post should also be an instant tip-off. 

Many click-jacking scams are intended to herd users to sites that pay the perpetrator for page views and are mostly harmless compared to other malicious activity. But depending on the spammer or scammer behind the code, malicious scripts can be used to deliver malware and junk mail to phish for account information or to sign up unwitting users for unwanted services.

To further protect yourself make sure your computer is running an up-to-date security program. Facebook own security area has tips on keeping safe from the latest threats at www.facebook.com/security.  

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Windows 7 Tips - Reopening Folder Automatically

Do you wish to make Windows 7 remember which folders you had open before you shutdown the computer, so the same ones are waiting for you the next time you start up your computer.

Windows includes settings that let if reopen the same folders that were open before you shutdown the computer, the system can also remember the preferred view of open folders. One way to get to these settings is to press the windows keys and the E key on the keyboard to open Windows Explorer.

In Windows Explorer, click on the Tools menu at the top of the windows and choose Folder Options, in the Folder Option box click the View Tab. In the Advanced settings area of the box, put a check in the box next to "Restore previous folder windows at logon".

Here, you can also turn on other options like having Windows remember each folder's view settings or display drive letters. When you are finished, click the OK.

Posted by sharing these tips will help you a bit about the use of  Windows 7

Mozilla Firefox 4 Review

If you have upgraded to  Mozilla Firefox 4, you might have encountered this problem the browser does not remember the tabs you had open just before you quit the program. There are a number of ways to restore this behavior.

Mozilla default start page for Mozilla Firefox 4 includes a restore previous session button that you can click to reopen all the tabs you were using before you closed the browser. But if you have changed your default hame page to something different, the restore previous session button does not appear. Firefox has other methods to get those tabs back. One way is to go to the browser History menu and choose the restore previous session option.

If you wan Firefox to automatically reopen your pages from your previous browsing session all the time, you can make an adjustment in the program settings. On the Windows version, click the Firefox button and choose Options from the menu (on the Mac version, go to the Firefox menu and select preferences ).

When the option preferences box appears, click the general tab and in the drop-down menu next to " When Firefox starts", select " Show my windows and tabs from the last time". Mozilla has more information on Mozilla Firefox 4 session restore feature ( including potential privacy issues) on its site.

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